Saturday, June 6, 2009

today II.


american girl:
a ticket to the u.s.
or simply awesome?

i've been really remorseful of the fact that i've only really met one or two girls here of my own accord. the rest have primarily been dudes who talk to me about a) music and/or b) being american. it has really made me wonder if american females are somewhat fetishized in eastern european cultures or not. at home i get talked to fairly often but not like here. there have been several of us on the trip who have been hit on inappropriately or proposed marriage. i don't know if these creepy dudes know we're americans before they talk to us or what. i've had a few guys keep trying to communicate with me even though i only speak english and they barely speak it at all. i commend the effort, in a way. i never thought that i would be able to have a conversation with a non-english speakers for such long periods of time before. its really shown me simultaneously that knowing english is a definite privilege, language is a huge factor in life and that we're not so different when we can understand one another.

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