Thursday, June 4, 2009

crunch time.

so im chillin in the eastern room at hostel celica getting a ton of writing done for the website. the web designers gave a call for all finalized writing by 18.00 tonight and i plan on having some good stuff for them. its been diffucult to focus on writing in the past week since so many interesting things have been going on! we have met some extremely interesting people within metelkova's organizational structure and outside of it.

two nights ago miriam, chelsea and i went to a vegan cooking night and helped make and eat some awesome pizza. it was interesting to meet people our age who utilize the free spaces at metelkova efficiently and regularly. we wondered if a similar space would be successful in a place like baltimore and our opinions were mixed. i've talked to a lot of apathetic young adults here and it was really nice to meet some that we were essentially on the same mental level with. coincedentally, they also love frisbee. how awesome. we got some weird looks from people who weren't playing but we eventually got a lot of people to play with us. it was great to feel a sense of communal enjoyment with people from various places around the world.

yesterday we had a few interviews and i got most of one 'article' done. it was rainy and cold last night so most of us decided to stay indoors and work online instead of socializing. this morning we had a brief meeting before being let loose to work as we pleased. i had just enough time to shower before miriam and i went to metelkova 6 to try and speak with someone at stripburger/ljubljana forum. the guy we met was extremely nice and miriam blabbed most of the time about all the comics she reads back home. i spent most of the time pouring over the older issues of stripburger as well as some special side projects. apparenty an issue just came out that hasn't been in stores yet and we were able to each buy one for a slightly discounted price. i think we will go back at another time and buy more. i envision my luggage being full of comics, presents and dirty clothes. i think i may have to leave things here. oh well.

we also went to see mor at the second hand market and i ended up getting a plaid long sleeve shirt. i just couldnt resist, i suppose. afterwards i came right back to celica and got right to work. at the moment im writing a piece about the shift from being more punk-inspired to expanding to involve all kinds of subcultures and entertainment. im also missing out on lunch and hoping with all of my might that someone brings food back for me.

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