Friday, June 5, 2009

"These days are dark, but we won't fall"

Sitting in a weird little room with the same Ikea rugs and hanging lamps I have at home, small round wicker seats, shredded red couches, and Arabic-themed wall decor is unsettling. But not so much as watching everyone on this trip slowly lose their minds while sitting in said room. This trip was sort of like the Real World in that there were "16 strangers picked to live in hostel, a hotel, another hostel, and then the original hostel again together" while being assigned a job they had no real say in. Now we all have to scramble to succeed at this job. Like the season where everyone had to work in a tanning salon together.
That's a great point, self. Metelkova is like a tanning salon. No one is sure why anyone actually goes there; the people who work there are overworked, exhausted, smell of chemicals, and may or may not be robots. There is also bizarre art on the walls of Metelkova, much in the way that the art and posters around tanning salons may contain beautiful things but are terrifying.
Anyway, the point is this is crunch time. We are lucky that we get along so well in general because otherwise we may have all punched each other into moving bicycles, or shoved each other off the 3 bridges, or poisoned each others' crepes and Laskos.
In addition, it is raining today but we shall be wheatpasting up a storm with flyers for our coming out party.

Thus, the immortal words of Harry and the Potters is a terrific choice. These days are dark, Harrys from two different books dwelling within the same band, but we will not fall. Because that would be painful.

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